RocSec Wireless WIFI Reversing Camera Infrared Night Vision Hd Waterproof Surveillance Camera

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Color: Black


1. The upgraded version of the camera uses a new German-made chip that has a great breakthrough in image quality and signal stability.

2. Angle adjustment more accurate in an image, adjust the screw can change the camera angle Match most vehicle models.

3. The sealed case & filling process effectively reduce loss and prolong the service life.

4. Built-in WIFI, save install time and money to use existing smartPhone/iPad.

5. IP 69K Waterproof, working fine in all weather conditions.


material: metal

Applicable models: small car

Power supply voltage: 24V

Adjustment angle: 130°

Resolution: 800P

Seismic strength: strong

Scanning frequency: 60

Video signal: digital

Display: mobile APP

Positive image/mirror: support mirror/primary image switching

Package includes:

Wireless Backup Camera x 1

Installation Kits x 1

User Manual x 1

Color: Black