RocSec Vehicle-Mounted Rapid Cooling Cup Heating Cup Refrigeration Constant Temperature Cup

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size 2: 1 PCS


1. The cup body is made of high-purity special-quality food-grade aluminum, which is lightweight and has strong conduction characteristics.

2. Using intelligent temperature control technology to ensure long-term continuous cooling/heating constant temperature.

3. Support standard 12V-2A-5A home/car power interface, portable and practical, safe, and reliable.

4. The switch uses a one-touch touch switch, click cooling, double-click heating constant temperature, convenient and fast.

5. The multi-purpose cooling constant temperature cup can be used for quick cooling/heating of juice, beverage, coffee, tea, etc. to achieve the best taste effect.


Product name: Refrigeration constant temperature cup

Aluminum cup material: high-purity special-quality food-grade aluminum

Product size: 122x122x73mm

Cup size: 90x90x78mm

Product weight: 700G

Cooling and heating method: (TEC) semiconductor cooling and heating

Energy consumption: 3A-40W

Power supply voltage: DC12V-3A

Packaging includes:

Cooling cup x 1 / 2

size 2: 1 PCS