UV Curing Lamp Machine Light 30x LED Light bulbs High Power Fast Adhesive UV Protector Lamp

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Features :

1. Mainly suitable for shadowless glue. UV glue. optical glue. photosensitive green oil. resin glue. ink. etc.

2.It has an optically transparent layer of special double-sided adhesive without substrate. which is not easy to cure under normal conditions Shadowless glue

Shadowless glue is a type of adhesive that must be cured by ultraviolet light.

Resin glue is glue made of resin. which has the characteristics of ecological and environmental protection. and can be cured by ultraviolet light

Green oil is a liquid light-induced flux. which is an acrylic oligomer and needs to be cured by a UV lamp.

Three gears adjustable. timing function

100% brightness + 60% brightness + 30%

brightness + automatic timing off setting