UNI-T UT334A Radiation Dose Tester Nuclear radiation Detector

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UT334A Radiation Dose Tester

UT334A is a handheld Radiation Dose Tester with high sensitive GM counter sensor. combined Beta(β ). Gamma(γ). and X-ray radiation detection. It is widely used in home decoration. radiation processing enterprise. health and epidemic prevention. radiation therapy. import and export inspection. building materials. petrochemical. geological survey. scrap steel. industrial nondestructive testing and other environments existing ionizing radiation. personal radiation dose supervision and protection occasions.


Features of UT334A Radiation Dose Tester

Certificates: CE. UKCA. RoHS

● TFT 2.0” color screen
● High sensitive GM counter tube

● Combined Beta(β ). Gamma(γ). and X-ray radiation

● Real-time. Average. and Cumulative dose display


UT334A | Datasheet

UT334A | User Manual