RocSec Summer Cooling Car Seat Cover

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Color: Black

Comfortable Summer Cooling Car Seat Cover, Built-in Cooling System

The Cooling Car Seat Cover with on/off switch is a great way to stay cool in the summer heat. No more heated, uncomfortable car trips. With the Cooling Car Seat Cover, you can cool the seat with a cooling fan that cools from underneath and behind. Universal and fits most seats. Can easily be removed and used in multiple vehicles.

Seat Covers Provides You with an Opportunity to Personalize and Upgrade Your Car Interior with Style. with Our Latest Cooling System Mat, You Will Be Driving in a Breeze As Well.built-in Electronic Fans That Will Deliver a Stream of Cool Breeze Through the Holes on the Mats, Providing You with a Comfortable and Cooling Driving Experience Even in the Hottest of Days. 3 Modes to Choose from That Offers Different Strength of Air Flow. Extremely Easy to Install, Fans Get Electricity by Plugging into the Cigarette Lighter. State of the Art Technologies Offers Absolute Safety when in Use. Sounds Reduced to the Minimum That You Will Barely Noticed Them. the Perfect Choice in Hot Weathers.


  • Top Grade Material That Guarantees Comfort, Style and Safety, Resistance to the Elements
  • Wear, Abrasion, Mildew and Fade Resistant
  • Includes Headrests, Airbag Cutouts, Seat-belt Sockets, and Map Pockets (as Applicable for Your Vehicle)
  • Same High-Quality Material All Around the Seat with No Substitution in Material
  • High-Quality Buckles, Zippers, and Flaps for Easy Installation, Secure Fit, and Long Lasting Repetitive Use







Summer Cooling Car Seat Cover

Built-in fan

Resistant and durable

Comfortable and breathable

High-speed mute fan and air deflector work together to reduce noise

Cooling wind cycle

Length 135cm/53inch

Width 48cm/19inch

Durable Mesh and Leather


Color: Black