RocSec Summer Bamboo Single-Seat Car Single-Seat Cushion

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Size 2: Type 1


1. Take the handmade products of deep mountain bamboo, high-temperature carbonization process, comfortable and cool.

2. The use of car seat cushions can effectively protect the lumbar spine.

3. Cloth edging, meticulous crimping, beautiful and fashionable, wear-resistant and durable.

4. High-quality accessories, safe and durable, not only anti-slip at the bottom, but also protect the original car seat.


Material: Bamboo

For the season: Summer

Suitable for models: GM 5 seater models

Installation steps:

Step 1: Install the chuck and hook;

Step 2: Put on the cushion;

Step 3: Insert the chuck into the seat gap;

Step four: hook the hook to the bottom of the seat;

Step 5: The installation is complete.

Packaging includes:

Car seat x 1

Size 2: Type 1