SONY PlayStation 5 / PS5 & PSVR2 - All-in-one Multifunction Charging Stand with Cooling Fan & Dual Controller Magnetic Charging

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Compatible With: SONY PlayStation 5  & PSVR2 PSVR 2

  • Multifunctional Vertical Stand for PSVR 2 & PS5 Console. Including cooling fan, 2 holers for PS5 console, 2 magnetic charging docks for PSVR 2 controller, storage stand, coin screw. Providing centralized storage space for you.
  • Cooling Fan This stand includes 2 radiator fans with low noise. The maximum speed of the fan is 3800 speed, which can cool the PS5 console for keeping the system cool while playing game.
  • PS5 & PSVR 2 Controller Charging Dock, There are 4 magenetic charging teminals to ensure that the controller will not be scratched when charging on the base. Fully charge PS5 & PSVR 2 controllers within 2-4 hours.
  • Charging Indicator Light The attached LED indicators tell you when each controller is fully charged