RocSec Multifunctional Car Seat Gap Organizer Storage Box

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Color: Black

✔ 【Multifunctions】 - Are you tired of your phone, keys, cards, charger, or coins always dropped between the gap of your seat? Car Seat Gap Filler Organizer expands the car space, Great To Keep Your Pocket Necessaries Organized For An Enjoyable Ride.


✔ 【Elaborate Design】 - Car Seat Gap Organizer prevents items from falling between the car seats, which may cause dangerous distractions as you drive.

✔ 【Premium Material】 -
Made of durable ABS plastic material that has strong impact resistance. expand the car space and super long life.

✔ 【Easy to Install】 -
Insert between the seat and console. SUNMORN Car Seat Gap Organizer Keep Your Car More Clean and Organized. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will refund you, no questions asked!


1. A car gap storage box with a charging cable, which can be charged and stored with a charging cable.



2. Comes with 3 telescopic fast charging lines. After charging, gently pull the line, and the line retracts like a tape measure to keep the center console clean and tidy.



3. Directly fill the gap between the seat and the gear and the seat to expand the storage space in the car.





Name: Storage box with charging
Installation: Insert directly into the gap
Specification: 275*155*65MM
Function: Charging + Storage + Automatic Take-up
Material: ABS
Current: 6A
Charging cable length: 800mm
Apple charging cable: 2.4A fast charge
USB: 2 USB, 2.4A
Type-C charging cable: QC3.0 fast charging

Package Included:

Car charger storage box x 1

Color: Black