RL-304PAU Plug Sunshine Relife 6 Port USB PD QC 3.0 Smart Fast Charger Station Voltage Tester Multimeter USB Current Meter Tester

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Suitable for iPad / iPhone / Huawei / Samsunng / OPPO / VIVO / XIAOMI and other mainstream brand mobile phones/tablets. multiple devices

A charger is all suitable for mobile phones. tablets. notebooks. game consoles. small fans. humidifiers. earphones. and more devices with multiple intelligent protection

The fast charging socket can reach 3A fast charging. fast charging and saving time. say goodbye to waiting. support PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 fast charging

Wide-range voltage universally applicable to AC100-240V power supply voltage input. can be used in different countries and regions

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The large high-definition display screen is clear. clearly displaying charging information such as voltage and current

The heat dissipation hole is designed with multi-process processing to ensure the material. while the cable socket is also sturdy and durable

Intelligent shunting. more intimate. can charge multiple devices at the same time

Small body. easy to store. reduce travel burden

Product Model: RL-304P

Interface type: USB A * 5 & USB C *1

Input Voltage: AC100 - 24oV 50-60HZ

Plug Connector: AU/NZ Plug

USB A Output: 5V / 1A - 2.4A

QC 3.0 Output: 5V/9V/12V - 3A/2A/1.5A

USB C Output: V/9V/12V - 3A/2.22A/1.67A

Total Output Power (Max): 40W