RocSec Portable Mini Car Fan 12V USB Electric Car Cooling Fan with 360 Degree Adjustable Dual Head

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Size 2: Blue-Single-12V


1. 360° all-round rotation, the two-end fan can be used by two people, the fine grille plays the role of an anti-insertion finger, safe design, safe to use.

2. The use of high-quality plastic materials, health, and environmental protection, does not damage the human body, is not fragile, high temperature resistant, no demagnetization sheet.

3. Strong/weak two-speed wind speed adjustment, the corresponding wind power can be selected according to the needs, the button uses high-quality spring, and the service life is long.

4. The base is equipped with a super-adhesive rubber pad, which is specially designed for driving and is not afraid of any bumps, safe and reliable.

5. 12V is suitable for battery cars such as family cars and minivans; 24V is suitable for two battery models, such as trucks, trucks, and other vehicles.

6. Quiet & 2.5m Cord: 100% Pure Copper Motor, High Efficient Electric Car Fan with Strong Wind but Low Noise.

7. Fresh Air Circulation: Immediately Help to Cooling Down the Temperature when the Ac is Weak. Less Energy Consumption & Enviromentally Friendly.










Material: ABS

Rated voltage: 12V/24V

Rated power: 8W/15W

Noise level: <50db

Color: blue, orange

Single head fan size: 13*6*15cm

Double-headed fan size: 26.5*9.5*15.5cm

Instructions for use:

1. Before starting, set the gear to "0";

2. Connect the car head to the cigarette lighter in the car;

3. Rotate the gear switch to select the appropriate gear;

4. When not in use, turn the gear back to "0" and pull out the cigarette lighter.


Tips: Do not play with the fan, do not rotate the fan all the time when it is unnecessary, and use it as usual.

Packaging Included:

Car fan x 1

Size 2: Blue-Single-12V