Nylon USB C To Female USB Port OTG Adapter Cable

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  • Connect your usb-c on-the-go capable tablet computer or smartphone to usb 2.0 devices -thumb drives. usb mouse. keyboard. mobile phones etc.
  • This otg converts your micro usb otg capable tablet computer or smartphone into a usb host for connecting usb accessories. enabling you to download pictures. transfer data. and work more efficiently. The usb port added by the adapter is situated approximately five inches away from your mobile digital device. offering more flexibility for connecting usb devices.
  • Key features support for usb otg -on-the-go capable devices 1 usb C male connector 1 usb a female connector port.
  • Applications add a standard usb port to your usb-c otg-capable tablet computer or smartphone connect a usb keyboard or mouse to your tablet connect a thumb drive to your tablet. cell phone. or ereader for removable data storage