RocSec Multifunctional Car Seat Gap Storage Box Leather Car Storage Box

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Color: Beige
Size: M


1. Seat gap storage box, one-second installation, convenient travel, neat and orderly, comfortable driving for general models.

2. Convenient storage of small objects/large capacity, the design of water cup position, increase the space to place larger items.

3. Reserve the charging hole, the data cable hole is reserved for the convenience of the people, and the built-in leather pad prevents the abnormal noise and friction.

4. Four A-grade thick shockproof sponges are used on the lower side to make the storage box more firmly installed in the gap.

5. Large-capacity storage, expand the use area to meet the daily storage needs without affecting the driving operation.


Name: Seat Storage Box

Size: 27cm*8cm*15.5cm, S (primary driver), M (secondary driver)

Material: ABS/imported microfiber leather

Color: beige, brown, black

Installation: direct insertion (non-destructive installation)

Model: General model

Installation Steps:

1. Hold both hands and press directly into the seat gap;

2. Adjust the position to put items.

Installation instructions:

1. The central control is too low and no support is not applicable;

2. The gap between the central control and the seat is too large to be applicable;

3. The traditional handbrake is not suitable for being too close to the seat;

4. It is recommended that the central control has a handbrake installed in the co-pilot position;

5. Two models can be placed in the car with the central control higher than the seat.


Storage box x 1

Color: Beige
Size: M