RocSec Multifunction Car Parasol Vehicle Umbrella Sunshade

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Size: L


1. High shading car sunshade, effective heat insulation, high-efficiency sun protection, convenient opening and closing, easy storage. Suitable for a variety of vehicle sizes, suitable for most models on the market.

2. The compound titanium silver adhesive has strong heat insulation ability, high refractive index, and large covering power, which can significantly reduce the body temperature, UPF50+, to achieve a high shading effect.

3. Solid medium rod, black steel bones, electric, hard texture, more corrosion-resistant; 10 bone umbrella stand is stronger and more stable support.

4. 10-bone anti-concave umbrella stand. The umbrella stand with arc makes the umbrella surface curved and concave, which expands the effect of reflecting ultraviolet and thermal energy. The ultraviolet blocking rate is ≥99%.

5. No installation, the umbrella can be parked while parking, easy to use by one person, quick opening and closing, easy storage, no space occupation, carry with the car.


Type: Umbrella

Material: Silver Tape

Size: M (small 65*125CM), L (large 65*145CM)


Car parasol x 1

Size: L