Microsoft Surface Go 1/2/3 10.5" Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Condition: Brand New

Compatible with: 

Microsoft Surface Go 1 (1824/1825)

Microsoft Surface Go 2 / 3 (1901/1926/1927)


Durable and easy to install. this Microsoft Surface Go 1/2/3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector helps keep your compatible devices touch screen protected from scratches and daily wear and tear.

Key Features

  • With 9H hardness and a silicone adhesive. the Cygnet Optic Shield Glass Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface Go provides excellent protection against scratches and damages caused by impact.
  • Simple to clean. the Optic Shield screen protector has an Oleo phobic coating that acts a protective barrier against fingerprint stains. oil. and water. 
  • For uncompromised viewing and use of your compatible device's touchscreen. this glass screen protector has an Optical Adhesive layer that provides excellent clarity and true touch sensitivity.
  • This screen protector for Microsoft Surface Go underwent a Laser cut process for a precise fit. It also comes with a step by step guide. so you can easily install it onto your compatible device's touchscreen with reduced risks of trapping air bubbles.
  • Microsoft Surface Go 1/2/3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector is suitable for use with Microsoft Surface Go devices (not included).