COTEetCI Mouse Pad Built-in Wireless Charger Pad

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  • Charge your phone wireless at ease while you're busy on your computer with this stylish Qi mousepad. This product can be used as simply a mouse pad or with your smartphone for fast and efficient charging. Never leave the house or office again with a low battery on your smart device.
  • With QuickCharge technology. We have solved the barriers to high performance productivity. Short cables. broken chargers and dead devices are now a thing of the past. Welcome to the future of wireless productivity. achieved through advanced science and unrivalled engineering.

  • The Qi energy field is transformed into charging current by the QuickCharge module. which attaches magnetically to a compatible wireless gaming m. The beauty of QuickCharge is that your device will charge while you're at play. at rest or at work right beside your laptop; allowing for unrivalled productivity and ease of access.

    We've made it that simple. It just stays charged.