C582SBluetooth Microsoft Surface/ASUS/HP/DELL Windows 11/10 Compatible Stylus Touch Pen

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Color: Black

Bluetooth Remote Control

Easily pair your pen to your device via Bluetooth 5.1. once paired you can click the top button once to open Microsoft Whiteboard. double-clicking will open Snip & Sketch. and press and hold will open Sticky Notes. Or use it as a PowerPoint remote control from across the room during a PowerPoint slide show. click the top button to advance to the next slide and press and hold the top button to return to the previous slide.

Greater Sensitivity

Real 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity delivers pixel-perfect precision and low latency. making it great for drawing. sketching. coloring. taking notes. marking up email. and more.Compatible with Surface can be tilted like a pen to draw shadow and sketch. greater 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity allows painting and writing to achieve artistic precision and virtually no lag.

Tilt and Palm Rejection

C582S Stylus Pen is sensitive to pressure and tilt so you can easily vary line weight. create subtle shading. and produce a wide range of artistic effects. And you can surely rest your hand naturally on the screen.

Ergonomic and Magnetic Design

Features an ergonomic design that rests naturally against the curves of your hand. The stylus also features a simple. one-touch operation button. Furthermore. a built-in magnetic attachment connects firmly with the left side of the surface device.

High-Speed Charging

Last for over 70 hours of writing time on a 60-minute quick charge.  (Type-C Charging Port)

Easy to replace pen tips

C582S Pen pre-installed Surface original tip (HB) and included 4 x replacement tips


Compatible With All MPP 2.0 Touch Screen Device:

Microsoft Surface Pro
Model Numbers: Microsoft Surface Pro 4/5/6/7
Microsoft Surface Laptop
Model Numbers: Microsoft Surface Laptop 2/3
Microsoft Surface Studio
Model Numbers: Microsoft Studio 1/2
Microsoft Surface Book
Model Numbers: Microsoft Surface Book 1/2
Microsoft Surface Neo
Model Numbers: Microsoft Surface Neo
ASUS Transformer Pro
Model Numbers: ASUS Transformer Pro T304UA
ASUS Transformer 3
Model Numbers: ASUS Transformer 3 T305CA
HP Spectre X360
Model Numbers: HP Spectre X360 (2017)
DELL Inspiron 2 in 1
Model Numbers: 7573/7579
Model Numbers: SONY VAIO Z Canvas
Model Numbers: SONY VAIO Z Flip

Color: Black