AMC Installation KitUV Glue Premium Quality Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - UV Curved Glue Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Compatible With

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G (SM-S918)

Package include:

1 x protector 

1 x UV light (Micro USB Port Powered. Cable Not included)

1 x 2ML UV Glue

1 x Cleaning Kit




Case Compatibility

The AMC UV  Glass screen protector is compatible with some of the most popular cases for the Galaxy S20 Series. Our tests involving this screen protector and case compatibility are ongoing - here is a list of the cases we've confirmed to be compatible with the Dome Glass screen protector.

Easy To Remove

The AMC UV Full Cover Glass Screen Protector is very simple to remove should the occasion arise to change it in the future. By carefully using your fingernail or a business card. you can remove the edges of the screen protector away from your display. Give the screen a little wipe and it will be as good as new.


Signature Dome Glass Construction Covers Your Entire Display

Far from only covering part of your display. the Dome Glass protector covers even the curved edges of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series glorious screen. This means you can rest easy. reassured that your phone is safe from drops. knocks and life's trials and tribulations while this protector is applied.

Full Adhesive And Ultraviolet Light Installation Guarantees Total Protection

This ultra-tough. form-fitting screen protector from AMC utilises an ingenious method of installation. which involves a clean. grippy adhesive and ultraviolet light "curing" for bonding. Using the easy step-by-step guide video featured on this page. installing and securing the screen protector is a breeze - in no time at all. you'll have tough. resilient protection for every inch of your device's precious display.

Even better. the AMC UV Full Cover Glass Screen Protector features an additional adhesive tube. should you have any problems on your first application.

9H Hardness For Superior Scratch And Shock Resistance

Your phone is subjected to many dangers throughout the day - even if you take every precaution to keep your device safe. you could still accidentally scratch the screen with a key or coin while your phone is in a pocket. for example. This screen protector is constructed from tempered glass with a 9H hardness. guaranteeing safety from life's rigours.

Can Be Applied To A Broken Screen

You may think there's no point in applying a screen protector to an already broken Samsung Galaxy S20 Series screen - but repairs to your display can be costly. and you'll want to avoid further damage wherever possible. Due to the UV "curing" process and adhesive quality used in the installation of this protector. you can even apply Dome Glass to damaged or broken glass displays - halting any break in its tracks and ensuring protection from extra cracks or blemishes.

Oleophobic Surface-Coating Provides Fingerprint Resistance

With an oleophobic surface-coating. fingerprint marks will be greatly reduced so your beautifully clear screen can be viewed without visual distractions.



Instructions for installation

1. Before Installation:
- Please watch the installation video & read the instructions before performing installation.
- Peel off the original film from the S20 series device.
2. During Installation:
- Pull out the Pin exactly when the adhesive is between the two arrows and right when it touches the glass in the middle.
(As shown in the video; DO NOT let the adhesive slide down past the arrows)
3. Completely Cure in 2 stages:
- 1st Primary Curing process (place UV light on the bottom first and cure for 15sec. then move to the top and cure for another 15sec)
*NEXT: Please press for 1 minute on the fingerprint area. and then proceed with the 2nd curing process.
- 2nd curing process (*perform this process two times.) (Place UV light on the bottom and cure for 60 sec. then place the UV light at the top and cute for 60sec.). Repeat this and cure for 1 more minute on both the top and the bottom.
4. After Installation:
Remove any existing fingerprints and Re-register yout fingerprint. Register the same finger twice. (Please register once following the device's instructions and then. ADD ONE MORE FINGERPRINT(Same finger).
the way you would naturally touch the screen.