2ML Single Use UV Glue Adhesive for Mobilel Phone UV Screen Protector Istallation

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  • Dedicated for UV Tempered Glass Screen Protector: The UV Adhesive used as Filling Glue between glass film and Screen.and needs UV Light to Curing.Not suitable for other usage.It is not the Liquid Glass Screen Protector.
  • Quickly Curing and Easily Flow: Rotate the Cover Counterclockwise to open it.and then Rotate the Knot to Drip the Adhesive.and Aligh the UV Glass Screen Protector on Screen. and waiting for the adhesive spread all way the screen .then urn on the UV Light to curing it.
  • LOCA Tech: When the UV Adhesive disperses over the entire will fills minor cracks and scratches on screen. after Curing.the former cracks and imperfections will be repaired and make the screen a brand new look.
  • Medium viscosity and Environmental friendly: The UV Adhesive is no harm for Human body and the Phone.Lower Ordor than other Brand. The Medium viscosity can not only gluing the uv glass screen protector and screen . but also make the glass film can be easy teared off when change new film.
  • Dosage for usage: Each 1 Stick have 2 is enough for 1 UV Glass Screen Protector to be used at one time. It can also used as the repair Filler for the UV Glass that have problems around the edge.
Quantity: 1PC