152pcs Sunshine Anti-Statics Screen LCD Contact Cleaning Wipes Cloth Wipers

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  • Manufactured in state-of-the-art class 100 cleanrooms
  • Free of particulates. proteases and nucleases
  • Convenient 9cm x 9cm size
  • Polyknit composition prevents fiber shedding
  • Heat sealed edges prevent fraying
  • Bright white fabric assists in the identification of spills and residues
  • High absorbency fabric maximizes cleaning effectiveness
  • Use for cleaning substrates. pins. cassettes. and other microarray implements
  • Use for packaging and protecting fragile microarray products
  • Compatible with all microarray cleanroom environments
  • Ideal for life sciences. medical diagnostics. microelectronics and manufacturing
  • Vast improvement over traditional laboratory and cleanroom wipes
  • Durable and chemically-resistant composition
  • No tearing with normal use
  • 152/38 pcs per package
  • Anti-static packaging eliminates electrostatic contamination
  • Dual packaging allows easy surface de-contamination prior to use
  • Can also be used in traditional. non-cleanroom laboratories
  • Disposable
  • Available in non-sterile (Cat. MCW) and sterile (Cat. MCWS) configurations

1 It is acid free. colourless. Gao Jie clarity. high transparency. almost does not affect the brightness of the screen and color
2 UV light. non yellowing. high weather resistance. water resistance. high temperature resistance. UV resistance. no delamination or degradation
3 can be designed to adjust the shape of optical plastic
4 self adhesive properties. at room temperature. can also fit.
5 adhesive. In the joint. excellent bubble dissipation. stress relaxation and with surface segment difference absorption is a non substrate double-sided tape.

6.The four sides of the cleanroom wipe cloth is closed by laser banding technique.can utmost to prevent the generation of fibers and particles. The surface is soft. easy to wipe the sensitive surface. friction does not take off the fiber. have good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Product cleaning and packaging are done in the ultra clean workshop.

Cleanroom Wipe Application Fields:

Electronics industry. clean room. optical advices. optical fiber manufacture. printing. SMT. precision equipment. food and pharmaceutical. mechanical processing. and automobile beauty ??and maintaining etc.