15.6" inch/Wide/A+ Grade/(1366x768)/40 Pin/Top & Bottom Screw Bracket Laptop LCD Screen Display Panel

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  • Condition: New Grade A+ No Dead Pixel
  • Size: 15.6" WideScreen
  • Resolution: HD (1366x768)
  • Surface Type: Glossy
  • Connector: 40 pin video connector
  • Mountings: Top and Bottom Brackets
  • Compatible:


B156XTN03.4 / B156XTN03.2 / B156XTN04.2 / B156XW03 V.1 / B156XW04 V.1 B156XW04 V.4 / B156XW03 V.2 / B156XW04 V.2 / B156XW04 V.5 / B156XW04 V.O B156XW04 V.3 / B156XW04 V.6 / B156XTN04.3

LP156WH3(TL)(A1) / LP156WH3(TL)(A2) / LP156WH3(TL)(A3) / LP156WH3(TL)(AA) LP156WH3(TL)(AB)/ LP156WH3(TL)(AC) / LP156WH3(TL)(B1)/LP156WH3(TL)(BA)
LP156WH3(TL)(BC)/LP156WH3(TL)(BD)/ LP156WH3(TL)(C2)/ LP156WH3(TL)(C1)
LP156WH3(TL)(D1)/LP156WH3(TL)(E1) /LP156WH3(TL)(F1)/LP156WH3(TL)(L1)/ LP156WH3(TL)(L2)/ LP156WH3(TL)(L3) /LP156WH3(TL)(L4)/ LP156WH3(TL)(S1)/ LP156WH3(TL)(M1)/LP156WH3(TL)(S2)/ LP156WH3(TL)(Q1)/ LP156WH3(TL)(SA)
LP156WH3(TL)(T1)/ LP156WH3(TL)(T1)/ LP156WH3(TL)(TA)/LP156WH3(TL)(TB)/ LP156WHU-TLAA/ LP156WHU(TL)(AA)/LP156WHU-TLA1/ LP156WHU(TL)(A1)/ LP156WHU-TLB1 /LP156WHU(TL)(B1)/ LP156WHB-TLA1/ LP156WHB(TL)(A1)
LP156WHB-TLA2/ LP156WHB(TL)(A2)/ LP156WHB-TLB1/LP156WHB(TL)(B1)/ LP156WHB-TLB2/ LP156WHB(TL)(B2)/LP156WHB-TLC1/ LP156WHB(TL)(C1)/ LP156WHB-TLC2/LP156WHB(TL)(C2)/ LP156WHB-TLD1/ LP156WHB(TL)(D1)
LP156WHB-TLD2/ LP156WHB(TL)(D2)/ LP156WH3(TL)(S3)/LP156WH3-TLS3/ LP156WH3(TL)(T2)

LTN156AT11 / LTN156AT20/?TN156AT24 X01/LTN156AT29 LTN156AT30 D01/TN156AT30-T01 / LTN156AT30-601LTN156AT35 T01/LTN156AT35 W01/LTN156AT35 P01/LTN156AT07LTN156AT35-H01/LTN156AR33/LTN156AT35-001

Chi Mei
N156B6-LOD / N156BGE-L41/N156BGE-LB1/N156BGE-L31 N156BGE-LA1 / N156BGE-L31 REV.C2

NT156WHM-N10 /CLAA156WA15A/OM4TK3/721942-001 /670120-001
1F9VH /M4TK3 /N3KMP /724940-001 / ON3KMP /7JXOP /N3YY9 /C9JHY /P13XK

please make sure your laptop screen size. resolution and connector are same before place order.