168 Bottle450AJP Vinocave Stainless Steel Freestanding Wine Refrigerator Drink Bar Cooler Fridge

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  • Brand: Vinocave
  • Color: Black
  • Depth: 680mm
  • Height : 1769mm
  • Width: 595mm
  • Material:Metal + Wood
  • Model Number: 450AJP
  • Capacity: Max 168 Bottle
  • Style:Bar Beverage Refrigerator / Wine Cooler
  • Shipping Weight: 112kg
  • Net Weight: 100kg
  • Temperature Adjustment: 5°C-18°C
  • Warranty: 2 Years AU Wide Warranty
  • English Manual Download Here

Product Description:

  • Constant Temperature Storage

In order to ensure the stability of the cold winter temperature. the single temperature wine cabinet and the temperature zone under the double temperature wine cabinet are equipped with the slab-type heater and the temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the external temperature to make the wine cabinet always suitable for all seasons

  • Constant Humidity Storage

The cork drying creates a gap that allows air to enter the bottle and accelerate the oxidation of the wine. The Vino Kraft thermostat has a built-in water storage environment 55-77% Rh. simulating the natural wine cellular storage environment

  • International Brand compressor
Produced by the world-famous compressor named Enbraco. It's energy-saving. constant temperature. high energy efficiency. quiet shock absorption and high standard production process for long-term use.

  • Double air duct cooling system

The air cooling system evaporates the water droplets produced by the evaporator refrigeration process. The new air-cooled technology liner is separated from the evaporator does not form frost. At the same time. the air cooling system evaporates the water droplets generated by the evaporator refrigeration process to compensate for the air humidity and form a humidity cycle

Serving Wines Storing wines at the proper temperature is important. To preserve them as long as possible wine should be stored at approximately 55 Fahrenheit. However. the chart below suggests the optimal drinking temperature for the different styles of wine.