RocSec Universal Windshield Sunshade Cover Car Protector

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Color: Silver

Windshield Cover Car Protector

Windshield cover – one of the most essential accessories you need in your car. It’s because some windshields don’t come heavily tinted. Some tints can’t even block out the sun, and ultraviolet rays can get inside, heating the interior. All you need is a couple of Windshield Cover Car Protector!

To Serve and Protect

A piece of windshield cover is made with a reflective nylon material that’s stretched over a steel ring or wiring. It blocks the sun’s rays from shining inside the car. It has a very convenient design. These covers are easy to store since they are foldable or collapsible. You can keep them in your dashboard and release when you’re about to leave your car in the parking lot or when you need to drive under the hot sun in the middle of the day. Use it everytime the sun gets too hot to bear.

Easy Installation

It’s not just storing that makes it convenient. At both sides of the windshield cover are suction cups that easily sling to poreless surfaces like glass. Just pop them open and stick to the windshields. It’s a no-fuss and no-brainer usage indeed! The silver cover is made easy for faster usage as well for car owners who are always on-the-go. When there’s practically no-time to dwindle around, these covers only take seconds from unfolding to covering.

Fits Like A Charm

Each cover is full enough to fit various vehicle car shields for the protection of the entire interior. There’s a large cover for the front windshield and two more pairs for the passenger sides. Not only the driver side is protected, but your family and friends won’t have to feel the damaging effects of UV rays. Your car interior’s temperature and fixtures are safe, thanks to a specific windshield cover.









Color: Silver