RocSec Multifunctional car phone storage bag

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Color: Black


1. New upgraded flying webbing suspension design, suitable for various shapes of air outlet, safe and firm, no abnormal noise when driving.

2. Transparent mobile phone storage space, easy to use mobile phone navigation, user-friendly charging control design.

3. All types of mobile phones, suitable for 4 inch or 6-inch screen models, unlimited use, Apple/Android common.


Material: PU leather

Style: Storage bag

Lining: polyester

Structure: 1 main bag, 1 lighter bag, 1 mobile phone bag

Color: black, beige, brown, gray, red,

Installation steps:

1. Take out the delivery wire and tie the flying ribbon;

2. Pass the iron wire through the air outlet to make the flying webbing hang on the wind blade;

3. After removing the iron wire, confirm that the flying webbing is firmly installed;

4. Take out the storage bag and attach the Velcro to the flying webbing;

5. Check whether the bonding is firm and the position is correct;

6. The installation is complete.

Packaging includes:

Car phone storage bag x 1

Color: Black