706W+ QUICK 570W High Power 2 in 1 Soldering & Heating Hot Air Gun SMD Rework Station Soldering Station

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(1) The use of imported snails brushless motor. long life. low noise. soft wind
(2) air guns equipped with sensitive sensors. used with that. that put stocks last
(3) the temperature and air volume stepless adjustable sensor closed loop temperature control. temperature stability. free from the influence of wind
(4) small volume duplex design. occupies a small work table. especially for lead-free board demolition. repair welding
(5) This product is the original crack. a single digital. using digital air gun. soldering iron by using rotating.
Iron Power consumption: 50W
Temperature range: 200--480 degrees
Air Gun Power consumption: 580W
Stream Type: straight wind
Gas flow rate: 10L/ min (maximum)
Temperature display mode: LED digital display (resolution 1 degree)
Temperature adjustment range: 100--450 degrees

Nozzles: 3mm 6mm 8.5mmm

Applicable Use:
1. For desoldering various elements. such as: SOIC CHIP QFP PLCC BGA etc.
2. Except for the heat-shrinkable paint drying adhesive removal thawed Preheat plastic welding

1* 706w+2 in 1 rework station
1* soldering iron
1* Iron frame
3* Nozzle