LV03 Plus HOCO Universal LED Light Live broadcast Stand Mobile Phone Mount Holder

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LV03 Showfull fill light live broadcast stand for 4.7-6.5 inches. with round fill light and BT remote control

1. Material: ABS + aluminum alloy. Weight: 280g.

2. Sizes: 161*184*70mm. Unfolded height: 92mm.

3. Fill light: 6 inches/outer diameter 170mm. 48 lamp beads.

4: 4400K-6500K. Mode: warm light / cold light / cold-warm light. 9-speed dimming.
Built-in battery: 1200mAh. Use time: 1-4h. Charging time: 200min.

5. Support mobile phone sizes: 4.7-6.5 inches (chuck size 60-95mm).

6. Supports BT remote control (BT 4.2). can take remote selfies.

7. Small and easy to carry. for live broadcast and selfie.